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You and I have a God-given purpose. We are at our best, our most productive, when we are functioning within that divine purpose. This experience will combine living in our divine purpose with being ultra productive. We will "Get it done so you have more time for FAITH, FAMILY, & FUN."

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Tired of feeling like you bounce from one thing to the next?

As an online entrepreneur, it's easy to get sucked into time-consuming business projects - and end up feeling like you bit off more than you could chew. It's like that time I was rushing out the door and crammed a granola bar in my mouth. It solved the problem of me being hungry, but I didn't enjoy it or taste it. Maybe you have felt this way.

However, you can create more time in your life for


* Want to carve out more time for prayer and Bible study?
* Does family get what is left of you at the end of the day?
* Haven't had a vacation in years?

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You and I have a God-given purpose. We are at our best, our most productive, when we are functioning within that purpose.

A calling is a purpose with a divine touch.  -John Maxwell

When you are functioning within your calling at maximum efficiency then you can finally create the life God has always intended for you. 

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But it never fails, they sit down to spend time reading scripture or praying and something else comes up. The phone rings and it's a client "emergency." They decide they will get it in later, and later never comes.




And their family gets what ever is left over of them. They are snappy and just want to tune out the world. They have been spinning their wheels all day and feel frustrated, tired, and angry all at the same time.



But they are all so complicated. They work really hard to implement all the things but within a few weeks they just give up. They tell themselves that others are just naturally more organized than they are.


I used to feel like I was spinning my wheels too. Then I figured out that instead of thinking I was naturally disorganized and would never get it together...

I could create a system that worked for me!

and now...
I help other Christian Entrepreneurs, just like me, who want to have both a successful business and an abundant life!


From Hot Mess to Organized Diva...

HI. I'm Heather Rosson!

Here is a little secret: Before I was an entrepreneur, I was a high school math teacher. Juggling all the demands of teaching, family, church, etc. was making me a crazy person. I knew that I needed to find a way to streamline everything. It was a matter of survival!

But the only things I found were complex organizational systems that just didn't work for me. I felt like a failure because I couldn't keep my inbox at zero no matter how hard I tried. I knew I didn't want to be ultra-productive to simply add more stress to my already full life. I wanted to create the life of my dreams!

Then, I read a book that changed everything! It was about reverse engineering your budget. I knew I could apply that principle and change the way people look at time!

It took practice, but I finally found the solution. With the method I designed, I can be super-productive without being that crazy person I told you about before. And now, I can't wait to share my insights with other Christian entrepreneurs who also want more time for...

You Can Have a Thriving Business Without...

• Sacrificing Family....

• Working 24/7....

• Extreme Stress....

• All While Honoring God!






Jennifer took her first full day off in 3 years!

Connie used her flex time to learn to speak Spanish!

Lynda said she has more ideas now and has room to think!

Denise's business is 40% more profitable while working less!





Do you want to get more done in less time?

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